Something Old, Something New

Trying out the latest version of Manga Studio Pro (Now Clip  Studio Pro) on the brand new Waccom Mobilestudio Pro. I won’t go on about it, but the pen has 8000 levels of pressure sensitivity.. feeling as giddy a five year old on Christmas morning over this.


Here’s a couple quick sketches to start the new year with.

The very first drawing I doodled on this device. Will post the finished illustration once completed


Tiny caricature of Anton Ego from Brad Bird’s and Pixar’s feature animation, Ratatouille

This is the moment in the film where Anton takes a bite of the industrious rodent’s ratatouille dinner, and is carried away, draped in the nostalgia of his childhood, lost in sheer awe and ecstasy.

Also working on a detailed illustration inspired by the spark of a waltz.

Draft mockup, drawn in earlier version of Manga Studio


Sketched/Painted in a moonlit backdrop.

Final draft, completed background layout in Manga Studio, 2016

 Just needs a few more touchups, final color, light and shade layers, and a bit of clean up.

Will post once completed.

That’s all for now, folks. More to come. Surgery Art on the way.

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