Thoughts on Valentine’s Day/Something for a woman, the woman

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day/Something for a woman, the woman

Here we are, February 14th. Quite honestly, I’ve never been fond of the concept of Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, it’s a blatant marketing scheme appropriating the concept of love to manipulate hordes of eager couples, representing a single day a year to celebrate your significant other. I believe in celebrating the one you love every day of the year, for every moment with them can be a celebration in itself.

That being said, I happen to also be an utter somewhat shameless romantic. Even despite aligning with a more cynical nature towards the holiday, my parents were deeply loving, and growing up I always looked forward to sharing in Valentine’s Day cards with them. I admired the affection they showed for each other and secretly felt inspired/wished to sweep someone off their feet one day. There’s this certain nostalgic magic about it, and I still feel a strange supernatural excitement at the sight of hearts and roses.

So, perhaps despite the money-hungry corporatism, something deeper remains. That even from the considerably sociopathic horror of using other’s emotions for financial gain, perhaps something pure and genuinely beautiful is born from it.

Here’s the first draft.

I must admit, drawing the line of action for this proved to be quite.. alluring.

Now complete with legs!

And colour!
Decided to keep the lines primarily pink and red.

I drew/coloured this drawing with the Waccom Mobile Studio Pro, utilizing Clip Studio Paint Pro and most definitely, the sexy brushes.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. As the day draws to a close, I wonder if instead of February 14th being predominantly centered around one’s significant other, what if we celebrated this day by loving and being compassionate towards everyone? I think we all could benefit from a holiday like that.

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