Freewrite + Art in the Upcoming

Freewrite + Art in the Upcoming

Here’s a little tit-bit of a large scale illustration in the works. Yes, the word, “tit” was used intentionally.

For ‘Cold Fire’, I underlined the piece with Alfred (the Waccom Mobile Studio Pro) utilizing Clip Studio Paint Pro.

The figure in the center is sexually androgynous, as in the body’s design is intended to appear both male and female.

Will post the finish soon.


This is sort of poetry, that is, what you’re about to read. Sort of, a jumble pressing on the mind.

It’s twenty three past midnight. I’m in bed, in the martial arts temple where I train, building number 203. I always dreamt of gaining their respect, the great teachers of our time, and now they are my family. I love them all so very dearly. They want me to stay and I must admit, I want to. Soon, I will have to tell them that I am going far away, to the West across the vast countryside, through its ancient corridors and fabricated borders.

It is a painful thought.

It deeply burdens my mind. If to stay, I would be completely secure, family, a home, acceptance, a strict and humble regiment, health, work and prosperity.. yet… perhaps life’s ironic trap hides within preparation. I do not know, but somehow I feel it in my heart as corny as the sound.

Tomorrow, I’ll leave for the floating city.

I’m teaching myself how to ballroom dance. I’m learning a song on guitar, the lyrics slightly modified to fit our thoughts.

I’m thinking about you, always.


The night feels heavy, but I don’t mind. I can carry it.

When the morning breaks, I only hope and wish that whatever road my feet may find,

May it lead me back to you. Nothing more.

For in all my life, I have never known a soul more brilliant, more beautiful than you.


Thank you for stoppin’ by.

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