Journey to the West – Part 1

Journey to the West – Part 1

It’s been a long time a comin’.

I am so very sleep deprived that I wrote the bulk of this in a southern accent.

Without security of any bit, a home, a job, sleep, just some clothes, couple of knick-knacks, drawin’ tools and my Dad’s old catcher’s mitt, on the Ides of March, I hopped on a train for Washington D.C, leapt on the 29 to Chicago, and now I’m roosting on the 05 California Zephyr all the way to Emeryville, CA.

My journey began at an ending, in NYC, the city, my home. Brooklyn has some of the most beautiful graffiti I’ve ever seen.

Overlook from the Brooklyn F train station

Modest Mouse has a song called, ‘So Much Beauty in the Dirt’ where they sing over and over, “so much beauty it could make you cry” and I feel that sentiment applies here.

I said not goodbye, but see you later to all my East Coast friends, they are family to me, the brilliant eccentic people that I love dear, and hold in the highest regard. It might be a long time until I see them again. I miss them.

It was late that night, should have taken the train back to PA, too many should have’s, but Times Square was calling. Calling. So I took the A train ’round midnight, got stuck in West 4th street waiting for the E line. That’s when I met my harmonicly resonating friend, Alex.

You see, he had come to play violin in the station. Something ’bout the full moon had roused him, I relate to this. Alex had enough talent to play in any of the finest concert halls, music venues, you name it, he could have played them all with perfect artisan timing, such grace unmatched. Instead, he played here. He played for us all to hear, and he played for free.

Before my train came, I asked him to play my favourite classical number, George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. He had never played it before, but you wouldn’t know it from his rendition.

I took the song with me to the heart of Times Square, and in the midst of the frigid cold air, hardly a soul around, sourrounded by blinding ads radiating as stars fallen to earth, I played it from my headphones, and sang ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ to the city I love. I tear up as I type this. It was so cold you could nearly see crystals formulating in mid air, but I didn’t mind. I hummed and sang the full instrumental piece beginning to end, and then it was time to go.

So much beauty it could make you cry.

Yesterday, the purple mountains majesty of West Virginia:

The sun’s been brighter this year than I’ve ever seen.

I learned things from airplane friends like boots make excellent travel pockets, especially if you just so happen to be like me and can never quite keep your shoes on whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The Chicago train station was luminous, it could have been a Ravenclaw sanctuary if only it were a library. There’s an energy about that city, a positive beast that lumbers through blissful humor and beauty’s mane covered in tall buildings. The golden statue carries an owl on high like the pursuit of knowledge. Something special about it.

Today the sky was set a golden blaze as the big red sun set on Illinois and Iowa, pictured in white gold below.

It’s dark now, and I prepare for a destiny that I do not know. Drawing helps.

I think about you. I think about London and NYC, home.

But, amidst all the uncertainty, the odds stacked heavily against it, somehow,

I believe all the same.

More to come, thanks for stoppin’ by.

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