New Character Design – Laurel Gladeos, Disgruntled Realist Genie

New Character Design – Laurel Gladeos, Disgruntled Realist Genie

This drawing spontaneously came to mind while eating dinner at the fancy-pancy Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. Though I am very thankful to be here and gain this experience, it is very.. odd. Hollywood is such a strange place, calling it “The Hollow City”, but between the seams, there are kind beautiful people here too, fighting to follow their dreams every single day. Wish them well in this desolate land bathed in glitter and falsehoods.

Wish them well. Their hearts are true.

At first, I was drawing a mermaid of sorts, but the doodle changed as I developed it, and suddenly I was randomly thinking about an old archetype seen in/around various literature, film and television. There tends to be two extremes in genie character personalities: extremely eager or diabolically evil. The two hold similar motifs resulting from the desperation to escape the imprisonment of mainly tiny teapot alike chambers.

I thought, what about a neutral genie who even despite their entrapment, doesn’t give a hoot and decides to live with the situation?

Meet Laurel Gladeos, the disgruntled realist genie.

Unlike other magical small kitchenware apparatus dwelling spirits, this particular genie follows a more practical mindset.

She lives in a sugar bowl, often confused for a piss pot, and does not in fact grant wishes, but instead offers rather.. direct solutions to wisher’s problems. Basically she’s of the mindset that rather than wish away your issues, do something about them and fix your own damn problems.

Drawn and shaded utilizing Clip Studio Paint Pro on the Waccom MobileStudio Pro, which I am incredibly grateful to have. Completed on April 5th, 2017.

Thanks for stoppin’ by.

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