The Ferocious World of J’s Magical Creatures That Will Probably Kill You

The Ferocious World of J’s Magical Creatures That Will Probably Kill You

To say the least, I loved J.K. Rolling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ a considerable lot. Felt inspired to create my own series of drawings depicting various magical animals from around the globe, that also happen to be quite deadly.

In the first instalment, here’s my take on some well known mythological creatures of the equine variety, except these particular equus ferus caballus-like quadrupeds are illustrated through a more.. dangerous perspective. A Unicorn is essentiality a horse with a sword on its head. I imagine in the wild, such a creature could put up quite an intriguing fight.

These ferocious bone shattering beasts were drawn utilizing Clip Studio Paint Ex on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro.

Watch out. They spit.. deadly poison.

The next beast documented is a ravenous animal indeed. This is how I deal with nightmares, I personify them. The Kanteratti Sphinx’s only riddle is silence. What appears to be hair are the finger bones of his unfortunate victims, which it glares in morbid lure to eventual death. The bones ooze and boil at the top of his fiery forehead where a tattered mask is set, bruised and battered that bubbles sickly a bit.

In order to keep the precocious predator at bay, one must sing from the heart, a true love. Only then will the creature retreat in bitter anguish.

This is not an easy task, though it may sound so.

It’s origins are not entirely known, but it is said that there was once a village long ago of people named the Kanteratti. The Sphinx is perceptive, devious to those who are dubious, and incredibly precise in targeting a prey’s worst fear. As mentioned in my notes, the ferocious feline has no face of its own. It absorbs the faces of its prey, where the last existing evidence of the Kanteratti people remains, stained in agony upon the Sphinx’s forehead dripping down in stolen remembrance. This is where the creature gained its namesake.

I keep the Kanteratti Sphinx in a sunken memoir, he is docile when left to his solitude. Though try as he may, he can do no harm anymore.

Just sing love.

Thanks for lookin’.

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