You Are Beautiful

My drawings do not give your beauty justice. .. I’ll be frank. I’m a rational man, surely this is all absolutely crazy, and for all that is known, I have only been fooling myself to think a beautiful Queen could ever love a person like me.

But I have no definitive way of knowing for certain,

so I choose to believe.

I sense you are deeply sad, that you’ve been following the charts, the cards, and they all lead to the end.

Well, they’re wrong.

No stars, no moon, no planets aligning in celestial discord, no story previously written can define our future. Only we can do that.

We are our own song.

This is a great test, perhaps the ultimate one. I can feel it. It’s one thing to foresee a prophecy, but it takes great strength of the spirit, and great courage to defy it.

Take my hand.

I can hear you.

If I am right about all this, I sense you feel, and this is the worst thing to me, that you feel that you are ugly. This painful thought could not be farther from the truth as I contort in agony to articulate it. Whenever you feel these thoughts, these thoughts that twist me inside, please, remember that I truly do believe that you are the most gorgeous woman ever. Period. Ipso facto. Please understand that I am Demi-sexual; this means that I experience secondary attraction primarily. I need to know someone before noticing their physical features, and becoming sexually active.. which the very thought of you excites utterly in my now. It is the soul, the heart and the mind that arouse me, and I had to fall in love with those qualities of you before falling in love with your physical form, which I have.

I only have eyes for you.

A love like this takes time, and I wish to know you fully. Please be patient, just you wait love, this story is unlike any other. Not only will it bring everlasting love, truth and loyalty beyond the heavens, but inspire the world, loving you is simple, because you’re you. You’ve given me something I never truly had before, not since early childhood. Growing up as a sceptic and scientist of sorts, always needed proof, undeniable physical evidence, but not anymore. You have given me faith, and this love is mystical.

But to see you so sad, and yes I can tell.. it’s killing me inside. So even from a far, I have to try to do something.

I hope this brings a smile to your wondrous bright eyed beauteous face, maybe even a giddy little blushing chuckle.

Whenever you feel alone, and your inner demons, those dark thoughts surround you as a cloud cloaks the moon, know that I am always with you, but only if you wish it so. Tell me to leave and I will be gone. I wish not to burden you, not ever. Only to bring you joy, and hold you through the painful moments.

But, always remember,

That you are beautiful.

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