New Character Design – Lute

New Character Design – Lute

Hypothetical situation:

Friend: “Want to go out tonight?”

Self: “Sorry, can’t.”

Friend: “What, are you working?”

Self: “No. Drawing alien women dancing concernedly.”

This is Lute Sentra. She’s pretty shy, not very confident in her physical appearance, but in her element, she’s an unstoppable fighting force to be reckoned with; a wild fire.

Her powers are not entirely known to her currently, but she’s discovered a few, somewhat accidently.

Conducts electricity at extremely high voltages and converts it into a liquid plasma type substance. She can channel currents towards foes with pinpoint accuracy.

Tends to burst into flames when anxious.

Drawn utilizing Clip Studio Paint Ex with Fenden’s ‘The Commissioner’ brush on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro.

The hardest part of this drawing was making a plausible hand with six fingers.

Thanks for lookin’.

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