Dragon Puppet Progress

Dragon Puppet Progress

Creating a dragon for an animated loop collaborative project with my dear, wonderfully talented friend, Branden Ward. He’s composed up a musical piece that is quite awesomesplentastic. Said dragon will be fully articulated from 360 degrees.

Here’s the head so far.

While sketching it out, They Might Be Giants kept flowing through my brain: https://youtu.be/nb4Lcw3rtsE

Put your hand inside the puppet head.

Here’s a completed claw, six points of articulation per finger.

Taming the dragon one scale at a time. So far this scaly beast has surpassed 900 layers.

Every scale, every feather is a separate layer and moves independently. The mane will be animated traditionally utilizing Flash.

Excited to start moving this guy about.

More to come. Thanks for lookin’.

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