Felix Pentagram – Animated Band in the Works

Felix Pentagram – Animated Band in the Works

Lots of projects are in the upcoming. It’s getting exciting.

While growing up, Jeremy Gadd, my adopted little brother, cataclysmic collaborator of the cosmos and I created an animated band, Felix (sometimes Phelix) Pentagram. We would co-write the music and band mates’ personalities, and I would create their character designs, draw, and animate them.

At long last, it’s coming to life.

Here’s the first sketch.

Meet two out of five band members, front man Tristan Lakwater (name credited to Jere) and mute pianist, Beard.

Notes for Beard: Noodly; never says a word; always paranoid; other band mates say he claims the government covered him in tattoos (no one knows how this information was acquired.) Wears a tin foil handkerchief below his kneecap to hide from the feds; conceals his face behind a bandanna with eyeholes to hide from the feds; always dresses in black to hide from the feds; moustache changes style every shot .. feds.

Despite absolutely no knowledge of cooking in any shape or form, Tristan insists on being the band’s only chef.

Anonymous band members that are not in fact Beard: “Tristan, what’s for dinner?”

Tristan: “Just my dashing good looks, and charming personality!” *sparkles*

Rest of band: “We had that for dinner yesterday. We’re like, really hungry, dude.”

More to come. Thanks for lookin’.

.. and don’t forget to rock. ?

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