Book Cover Art/Design

Book Cover Art/Design

In addition to the previously mentioned 11 sketches I will doing for ‘Pain is a Requirement’, an upcoming novel by Debra Edwards, I will also be doing the cover art.

If it’s all right, I’d like to share with you my process in creating it.

This was the original cover art they were going to go with.

Long story short, I opened my big mouth exclaiming sheepishly that it was terribly off proportion, and that I could do it better.. triumphantly.

So, I was given two nights to complete this. Using the original image for colour and character references, as well as my notes from the previous meeting, I created a template including multiple fonts inspired by the ‘Slender Stubby BRK’ and ‘TRAGIC BRK’ series by Ænigma Fonts, and a minimalistic UPA influenced background with medium-bright coloured triangular inlets to contrast the black backdrop further centralizing attention towards the characters while not overpowering them visually. Then sketched these tough women out.

Drawn primarily with the Frenden ‘Commissioner’ brush

After putting the pieces together, I used a combination of shading brushes and pastels to add hair texture and the illusion of volume to the figures.

Time to add colour.

Decided to remove the glasses as it better fit the composition but kept all copies to give to the client in case they preferred the previous version.

Changed the main font to white instead of grey, because the darker tone wasn’t standing out n comparison to the author font. I know it’s an no-brainer, but so help me I’m walking you through the whole thing, so bear with me here a moment. Added a couple minor tweaks, last minute clean up, and voilà! Insert inappropriate horny French laughter here. Also, my work is done!

Well, maybe one more quick edit.

Thanks for sticking around for the ride. I’ll try to post more tutorial-like-things in the future.

From start to finish, completed on October 5th, 2017
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