Old Thoughts

Old Thoughts

I am going to be returning to creating more abstract work in the next couple of weeks; Surgery Art is a’comin’ back.

In the meantime, both to showcase and track my own progress moving forward, here are some scribbles from an earlier time period.

‘Dog Eat Dog – Faulty Wire in the Food Chain’
Inked with runny office pens in 2006.
‘The Face’ was drawn with a soft pencil in 2006.
‘Swallowed by Satellite’ completed in pen, also math homework, 2006
The inner working of an illongated mouse, drawn with red office pens. Completed in 2006.
‘Where is my Mind’ was inspired by the Pixies song, but mainly in part dedicated
to the chaos that binds, constricts, and crawls over itself creating a
conglomerate organism. Pencil drawn in 2007.
‘The Machine’ was created under my alias, ‘IllusionsoftheSpleen‘
Drawn on my own arm with various ink apparatuses, 2006.
RIP Razr flip phone, drawn in pen, 2008

More to come. Thanks for lookin’.

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