Travel Doodles

Travel Doodles

Recording through the nights, a single for the Holidays, musical bits towards the EP coming very soon. Deeply grateful for the opportunities that have risen over the past two months. While in transit, occasional lunches, and when waiting spaces are placed in my life between getting from one place to another, Sometimes I express lyrics through visual means. Getting a kick out of the mobile sketch app, Infinity Painter. Though it lacks a layer option, I find the pen tracking to be faster, and considerbly more accurate than Photoshop Sketch, but perhaps this will be modified down the line.

Cataracts and Concubines
Submerged, encased stagnated blind
I still will be Light
Even through cold questioned, I
will be
the Light
Little lamp, flicker on

Added two light filters

‘He’s Still Listening’
He goes his way, but he can’t find
As he once knew
Oh, how he dreamed
He thought, he thought he would never find her
Could it really be?
But, God, he’s such a lack.
So imperfect
All the bends
Where’s the right tree, when’s the right time, the right number yet to climb?
am I even worth it to be seen? To jump into eternity?

Music on the way, and on the wing. Thank you for lookin’.

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