Re-imagining an old story

Re-imagining an old story

I wrote this tale of two lovers, and the deceptive forces they stand together against aproximately in the early bits of the previous year. It remained deep in the recesses of my brain, nearly forgotten, until something stirred them unexpectantly while pulling an all nighter tonight. A little root was jolted, and there they were. It’s somewhat uncanny, and I’m hoping the familiarity of the theme renders the content more accessible on a larger scale.

Your typical introduction to a destopian militant world: in the age of machines on the rise, the creation of mechanical soilders becomes a necessity to prevent more human casualties, as well as becoming more practical in effeciency, yet expendable. Soilder droids would need the capabilities to make quick decisions both expediantly and on their own in the event of a connection sever from central control, hyper intelligence, and bodies that could withstand the damange of bombs, tanks, automatic riles, you name it. When production on the first troop commenced, they issued 50 highly advanced automatons while still undergoing the experimentation stage of the project.

Android 01 was built with near lightning reflexes, a mind that could far surpass any human counterpart, and the durability of six aircraft carriers, even containing the core stability and density to sustain a nuclear explosion relatively intact. Each soilder after was built with at least a 10% improvement from the previous model. There were defects, but by the time the builders completed assembly of Android 40, nearly all the major bugs had been obliterated. Capabilities to make independent decisions only activated strictly in the event of a link break from transmission headquaters, and the remainly highly controlled, limited to centralizing commands previously given. The only threat these machines seemed to possess was when in combat with another make of the same class.

Android 45 became widely regarded as a work of absolute perfection, to pave the schematics for every future soilder. Destined for greatness, she proved herself far above her competitants, to such a drastic degree, the team nearly decided to cancel manufactoring any further models.

..but there was a malfunction.

They say she went “rogue”, for somewhere along those odds and ends, nuts and bolts, they did not, could not anticipate her capacity to develop a concious. She saw the corrupt state of the purpose she was built for, and retaliated. She was dismissed, contained for immediate termination, dismantling, and a reassembling. They stripped her down, tore her wings apart, broke her again and again, but she would not submit. She would not surrender. 45 had a mind as a diamond shines. She escaped, and vowed to end the unscrupulous practices that hindered those fallen under its grind.

Android 46 was nearly immediately dismantled upon activation in fear of another “killer” robot on the loose. When the team finally approached the designing/manufactioning of Android 47, they had built more detination failsafes than they knew what to do with. A soilder capable of making choices was too great a risk. Deactivating the circuits completely would surely elevate this latest model to the ideal specimen, or be immediately destroyed without question.

But.. their orders fell on reluctant ears. Another malfunction, nearly unheard of. 47 not only developed a concious, but a conciousness, a brain capable of free thought without the limitations of the previous models, all but one.

Each soilder was modeled after the physical specifications of a single female ambassador representing the military’s image, now a conglomerate nation.

47 was different.

He didn’t fit quite right in the female body he was given.

This is not a tale of war. This is a story of two monsters both a little broken in some way, and how they learn to heal eachother, and together take on the injustices of a dark world. The road is not an easy one, but what they discover far surpasses any flaw to which either may posess.

Some sketchy concept art:

Android 45 in the red.
Android 47 in the green.

I will be developing/adapting their story into a comic series throughout the new year, and an eventual animated series of episodic shorts.

Thanks for lookin’.

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