New Concert Posters/Headers

New Concert Posters/Headers

Feeling very fortunate to have quite a few upcoming shows in May.

Scribbled up a couple poster designs for the occasions.

Here’s one for ‘Pajamarama’ at Elderberries Threefold Café.

The background brought to you by high rez shots of pajama pants I borrowed from my awesome friend Paris, thank you Paris.

And tonight, I drew something for a very special show that I am quite.. sentimental about.

Presidents Day, Independence Day?


At long last, a holiday worthy of celebration. May 15th is Dinosaur Day and damn right we’re going to celebrate it.

Kickin’ out the prehistoric beats, and all the corny dinosaur puns.

So many.

They’re palpable.

I am not sorry.

Prepare yourself, and while you’re at it, possibly bring a chicken to honour its ancestors.

The ticket link is actually the directory of known dinosaurs collected by the Natural History Museum in London, because go fucking learn something, this concert is free.

If you show up wearing a onesie related in any way to this topic, I will write a song about you.

This is non-negotionable.

Drawn with various Frenden brushes on Clip Paint Studio, utilizing my shy but noble tablet, Alfred the Mobilestudio Pro. The name of this event was inspired by one of my favorite dinosaurs growing up, the Brachiosaurus, now replaced by the Argentinosaurus discovered in Argentina and is one of the largest herbivorous land animals humans have recently discovered, but with an unfortunately lazy title.

I digitally painted the brachiosaurus red and yellow because as a young one I had a brachiosaurus figure of similar colour. I think of him fondly. His name was Puppy.

More music related art things in the upcoming.

As always, thanks for lookin’.

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