Band Flier Variations for the band

Band Flier Variations for the band

Feelin’ a mighty bit grateful for all the upcoming shows my band, ‘A Man Called Jack’ has been having. If you wish, you can check out the upcoming tour dates here:

One of the aspects to touring I most enjoy is making posters for the shows. Lately I’ve been playing on my band mascot Shiiyloh as a consistent theme. To me

Here’s the flier from my show now passed at the Harvard & Stone.

And below is the art bits for my acoustic set tonight at the Republic of Pie.

Drawn utilizing Alfred, the nimble Mobile Studio Pro, with my trusty steed in mind.

If you’d like to RSVP to tonight’s shindig or any in the upcoming, feel free to click here: A Man Called Jack Eventicals

Thanks for lookin’ and the listenin’ thing. Means mountains to me.

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