The Story of Talcolm Alliant

The Story of Talcolm Alliant

Scribbled on a sticky note.

Talcolm Alliant is the world’s only known single X chromosome male calico cat ever recorded in present day history. Scientists remain baffled by the occurrence. Typically, two X chromosomes are required for this particular variety of feline pigmentation to portray both black and orange fur. Nonetheless, Talcolm exists, despite the seemingly impossible nature of his coat.

Unfortunately, his baffling coloration created such a considerable calamity of confusion in the cat realm, Talcolm decided to try his hand in the human world. “Surely” he pondered, “these bipedal creatures do not judge a fellow sentient for the color of their fur.”

Even more to his dismay, the traveling felis catus was quick to find that the world of people held similar bickerings within one another’s appearances, but to a far worse severity; a history of unthinkable horrors. It was a sorrowful thing to learn indeed, but Talcolm did not leave the human world. Instead he decided to become an anonymous soilder, adjusting to the balance of hind legged walking, traveling great distances to teach each and every nook and cranny that it did not matter the color of one’s fur, but rather of what they do, and the friends they make along the way.

To conceal himself from judging eyes, Talcolm hid his face behind the mask of a raven, mainly to throw strangers off the trail to his feline identity, only revealing himself in the company of those who were willing to listen.

I came up with this story just now. Take it for what you will, but perhaps you’ll be hearing from Talcolm again someday soon.

Perhaps, if a cat can see that the color of one’s appearance does not matter, perhaps we can too.

That’s all for now. Thanks for lookin’.

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