This is the trailer for my animated short film, Amberline.

Here is the full film below.

I modelled, rigged and animated the squids in Autodesk Maya and traced the lines frame by frame in
Adobe Flash.

Amberline’s lines and base colour were drawn traditionally in Adobe Flash, then added
detail, cleanup and shading in Photoshop. Additional lighting, shading and effects were created in
After Effects and post editing, final touches and soundtrack were added utilizing Final Cut Pro.

Music by Luna Park and Magnetic Men

A Simple Music Video

Drawn entirely in Adobe Flash, sound added and edited in After Effects.

Wrath of Socks

The city of Leporidae succumbs to utter destruction by the mighty paw of a
gigantic sock bunny. Almost total annihilation of the city occurs in epic proportion.

To build Socks, I constructed a highly flexible ball socket jointed wireframe skeleton
heavily reinforced with metal tubing, sculpted a foam-core musculature around the skeleton,
and added detail with literal socks cut apart and re-sewn and glued together with epoxy.
The eyes are glass, manufactured by the very talented
Tech-Optics company,

Sock’s movements were captured with a green screen peg board and set with
Dragonframe Stop Motion software.
The smaller rabbits were created in pieces with the same material as Socks.
I scanned them in from every angle with Dragonframe.

My attempt was to composite a green screened stop motion character into a
world created on After Effects and Photoshop.

Music by Jason Piperberg

Hamlet for the Fishes

Our dysfunctional fishy friends were handmade from clay, and scanned in utilizing
Dragonframe. Backgrounds, lighting and effects
were added in After Effects, and finishing touches, editing and sound was
completed/added in Final Cut Pro.


Animated/coloured entirely in Adobe Flash, sound was added in After Effects.
Music by Sean Glaze.

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