‘Shilo’ was drawn in Manga Studio Pro with a Waccom Cintiq stylus and the sexy brushes. 
This is Laurel Gladeos, the disgruntled realist genie. She does not in fact grant wishes, but instead offers rather.. direct solutions to wisher’s problems. Drawn and shaded utilizing Clip Studio Paint Pro.
A commission for @animget
Luka is 15 years old, relatively silent but fearless. Always seems to come in handy right when you really need him.
Even behind the kingdom’s walls, he was more isolated than ever..
This is Lute. Drawn utilizing Clip Studio Paint Ex with Fenden’s ‘The Commissioner’ brush on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro.
Submission for @loopdeloop-blog. Rough loop of Android 006; she likes to prance. Inspired by uzura3026. Drawn and animated in Clip Studio Paint Ex.

He’s a superhero with a rather unfortunate super power.


Figure Drawings

I drew this with charcoal pencils. Figure drawing master class with Henry Yan.


Here’s a couple sketches from my
‘J’s Ferocious Beasts That Will Probably Kill You’ series.

Despite their herbivorous diet, consisting primarily of various flower nectar, this surprisingly ill tempered trochilidae will attack anything moving nearby, even kill without documented reason other than what I can only describe as amalgamated fury and discontent. Favourite past times include leering, looming and glaring unsettlingly.


Drawn on Photoshop Touch with the Samsung Galaxy Note I; coloured on Manga Studio.
Watch where you step.


Animated Samples

Taming a Dragon

This ferociously scaled beast is a fully articulated puppet; views will be from 360°, above and below as well. Each scale is its own layer and moves independently. The mane will be animated through 2D traditional means.

Here’s a closer look at the head detail.


I modelled, rigged and animated the squids in Autodesk Maya and traced the lines frame by frame
in Adobe Flash.

This plucky scientist’s lines and base colour were drawn utilizing Adobe Flash as shown in the video below.

Then I added detail and shading in Photoshop.
Additional lighting effects and final touches/edits were created in After Effects and Final Cut Pro

Socks the Bunny

To build Socks, I constructed a highly flexible ball socket jointed wireframe skeleton
heavily reinforced with metal tubing, sculpted a foam-core musculature around the skeleton,
and added detail with literal socks cut apart and re-sewn/glued together with epoxy.
The eyes are glass, manufactured by the very talented
Tech-Optics company,

First movement test – Sitting

Hamlet for the Fishes

Our dysfunctional fishy friends were handmade from clay, and scanned in utilizing
Dragonstop Stop Motion Software (now known as Dragonframe). Backgrounds, lighting and effects
were added in After Effects, and finishing touches, editing and sound was
completed/added in Final Cut Pro.



Here’s Shilo’s ‘noble steed’ and closest companion below.

‘Atlas, The Big Blue Lion’ Shy, gentle yet tentative, focused when he needs to be, he has a knack for overthinking things, except while eating. Drawn with some office pens found around the office, some random sketches interfered with the foot a bit.
‘Monkey Boy’, drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Note I utilizing Photoshop Touch


‘Age of Dragons’ was inspired by the stories I used to make up while playing with toys in the bathtub as a young one. It’s a good place to go on epic adventures. Drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Note I utilizing Photoshop Touch


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