Here are a couple kind words. Thanks a million googolplexes, fellas. It has been a joy to work with and learn from you.

Bill Plympton, Oscar nominated filmmaker and animator/Twitter handle: @plymptoons/ “If you are looking for an artist who is ready to take on anything, seeks to learn and keep learning, works incredibly hard with a cheery disposition and brings inspiring creativity to his work you will find few as qualified as J R.”

Christopher Magee, CalArts animator: “J R proved himself a dedicated and uncomplaining production artist under intense pressure. I was impressed by his work ethic, ability to deal with difficult production deadlines and his flexibility when assigned to various tasks. A young artist with rare self-discipline.”

Karl Staven, Chairman of the Animation Department at the University of the Arts: “Articulately engaged, creatively focused, incredibly organized, and a general pleasure to have as a student. I tend to only award a couple of “A” grades in each class that I teach. J R has received this grade in her classes with me. His animation skills and understanding of timing are top of his class.”