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Working on some concept art for an upcoming short. It’ll depict the first time upon hearing a certain song that changed my life, and will not be disclosed until the project is finished. Takes place back in ye olde’ sophomore year of college, when my hair was still long.


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To say the least, I loved J.K. Rolling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ a considerable lot. Felt inspired to create my own series of drawings depicting various magical animals from around the globe, that also happen to be quite deadly.

In the first instalment, here’s my take on some well known mythological creatures of the equine variety, except these particular Equus ferus caballus-like quadrupeds are illustrated through a more.. dangerous perspective. A Unicorn is essentiality a horse with a sword on its head. I imagine in the wild, such a creature could put up quite an intriguing fight.

These ferocious bone shattering beasts were drawn utilizing Clip Studio Paint Ex on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro.
Watch out. They spit.. deadly poison.

This doodle spontaneously came to mind while eating dinner at the fancy-pancy Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

There tends to be two extremes in genie character personalities: extremely eager or diabolically evil.

I thought, what about a neutral genie who even despite their entrapment, doesn’t give a hoot and decides to live with the situation?

This is Laurel Gladeos, the disgruntled realist genie. Unlike other magical small kitchenware apparatus dwelling spirits, this particular genie follows a more practical mindset. She lives in a sugar bowl, often confused for a piss pot, and does not in fact grant wishes, but instead offers rather.. direct solutions to wisher’s problems. Basically she’s of the mindset that rather than wish away your issues, do something about them and fix your own damn problems. Drawn and shaded utilizing Clip Studio Paint Pro on Alfred, my handy Waccom MobileStudio Pro, which I am incredibly grateful to have, April 5th, 2017.

There is beauty in psychosis.

Happy Birthday, Vincent
Drawn with coloured pencil and a BIC office pen, March 30th, 2017. Out of all the fancy art pens in all the land, I’ll gladly take a slightly used BIC pen any day of the week. They contain the perfect pressure sensitivity for shading variants and good ol’ sketchy linework. Save your money. This one I found in an airport bathrooom in Istanbul. Happy birthday.

This is something special I sketched a while ago, and I feel it is appropriate for International Women’s Day.

“Sing Love” was inspired by the idea that when you are being oppressed and the darkest night seems to overcome you, sing. Sing like you’ve never sung before. Music has a profound and powerful energy, it can make a difference beyond which we can currently measure through physical means. Drawn with some random blue pen I found around an office I used to know. It was always my favourite, now run out of ink at last.

Also, beginning work on a chapter of my upcoming graphic novel series called, ‘Journey to the Floating Kingdom’, here’s a tiny taste before training.


Drawn with the Waccom MobileStudio Pro, now enthusiastically named Alfred, utilizing Clip Studio Paint Pro.

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