Surgery Art

In high school around 2006, I started playing around with this strangely detailed organisms. These abstract intuitive scribbles follow contours that require a steady hand, and are generally quite tiny, sort of like performing surgery, except probably not in any respect. Still, the morbid nature of these twisted drawings seems to resonate with the name inexplicably.

There’s a certain element of Zen-like emptiness and surprise that goes into each scribble. While performing, I enter into a blank meditative state. My hand guides the drawing’s direction, it has a mind entirely of its own, which I do not dictate. The art creates its own chord. I’m not entirely sure where the source comes from, but it flows through me and I channel it into some sort of visual means.

Here are some examples:

‘Dog Eat Dog – Faulty Wire in the Food Chain’ Originally posted under my alias formally known as IllusionsoftheSpleen. Inked with runny office pens, completed in 2006.


‘Where is my Mind’ was inspired by the Pixies song, but mainly in part dedicated
to the chaos that binds, constricts, and crawls over itself creating a
conglomerate organism. Pencil drawn in 2007.


‘The Little Insomniac in You Dreams too’ This one’s got fairy tales laced into it.
Drawn with pen in 2007


Lambchop Meets The Headeaters‘ Completed in 2008 with pen and markers


Inked and placed on an underground place. 2018


‘The Face’ drawn in 2006 with a soft pencil.


‘Swallowed by Satellite’ completed in pen, also math homework, 2006.


‘Inside’, the inner workings of an illongated mouse, drawn with red office pens. Completed in 2006.


One of my favourite mediums for producing Surgery Art is skin.
I love to draw on people, lining the pen to their contours and revealing the machine-like clockwork underneath.

‘The Machine’ Again under the alias, ‘IllusionsoftheSpleen
Drawn on my own arm with various ink apparatuses, 2006.


Upon any obtainable surface that can be inked, Surgery Art makes a home for it.

RIP Razr flip phone, drawn in pen, 2008

Can I draw on you?

If you are interested in a commission, travel here or contact me at

There’s much more recent Surgery Art I have yet to dig out of various notebooks, more to come. Stay tuned.